The Last Day of Winter

I have to admit, my journey in DS106 has been a bit intimidating. Having a background in digital media and a fairly comfortable presence online, I was not expecting to be quite so overwhelmed. I personally attribute this feeling to seeing things I’ve done already, or have been exposed to, in a whole new light. Hearing the structure behind some of the most heartwarming stories I’ve heard and watched is exciting, but it also is a bit like lifting the curtain off of Oz. On the other hand, it’s been able to demonstrate that anyone has the ability to create such effective stories through the use of their personal experiences and observations by appealing to their audience.

The process started when I created my blog April Showers May Flower inspired by spring and this season of optimism and new adventures. Although it is a work in progress, I have customized it to my liking by changing the theme, uploading some pictures, and updating the “About Me” section. I even added my first blog post!

I then used Vonnegut’s approach to the shape of stories, along with the 22 Pixar Rules and Story Spine format to explore the story of the 2006 George Mason men’s basketball team identifying the shape of their story as an underdog all the way to the Final Four.

This week I also providing some insight into what storytelling means to me. I spoke of my Grandfather, whom I always associate with storytelling. The movement to “digital” storytelling seems to me to be an obvious one. We live our lives, communicate, and even work completely online, why wouldn’t we tell our stories the same way we live? Ira Glass and Andrew Stanton reinforced my initial thoughts on storytelling describing it as a shared experience the author has with the audience. Stanton shared that the best thing you can do for your audience is create a sense of wonder derived from personal experiences.

Finally, I thought about what I could tackle as part of my final project for the course. What element of my life needed “storifying?” I immediately thought about a presentation I am putting together for my church on 4 different individuals and their decision to join our church. I will be exploring the idea in more detail and brainstorming some additional projects for consideration.

I am very excited for this course. I love the idea of exploring the latest and most interesting media for use in storytelling and in looking at some of the example projects, know I will have a lot of fun learning these techniques and implementing them in my own storytelling.


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