To Sell or To Connect?

An example I have of something that could be “storified” is a presentation I was tasked to pull together for the volunteering I do at my church. Four people have decided to join our church and will be baptized in two weeks. We wanted to pull together a presentation about them to share with the congregation. This was just going to be a slide or two on each of them and the decision they made to join the church, but I think that similar to the Google Nexus commercial, adding elements of their journeys and decision making process would be so much more powerful than a few slides on where they live and what they do for a living. I’m not sure this will work given that I don’t know too much about their stories now, or if they would be open to participating in something deeper than the original PowerPoint, but I will continue to look into the option as I think on other examples that may work.


2 thoughts on “To Sell or To Connect?

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