Another Week

This week listened to a Radio Lab post. I was able to identify several audio methods and techniques such as sound effects, music, narrative, ambient sounds, and even recordings on the recording. 

I also explored a little girl’s adventure in doctoring her parents in an adorable story outlined in a Cheerios commercial. 

This was the first week of reviewing other students’ work on the blog. It was interesting to see how others designed and titled their blogs. I liked seeing other examples of stories and how, even though they were all different, had such obvious similarities such as main characters and challenges. In reading the blogs, I can see how hyperlinks and connections to other posts can help tie everything together and provide clarification on topics readers may not be familiar with.

I have received some great encouragement on the blog so far which has only helped me feel more comfortable in sharing my stories (pun intended) with the virtual world. I realize that there really is no wrong answer when sharing your experiences, only new ways/media by which you can do so. 

Finally, this week I explored the storifying of the use of Pinterest. There are a ton of ideas for stories of how Pinterest could be used to complement various life activities from planning a bridal shower to developing a school lesson, and pulling these into a stories could convince even the most skeptical that there is a place for Pinterest in their life. 

As I grow more comfortable in using the blog to write posts, I hope to gain some familiarity in incorporating more media directly onto my blog. I had some trouble with it this week but know that practice makes perfect! 


One thought on “Another Week

  1. Splish splash indeed, you had a solid great week of work. The media embedding is something that can take a few trips to understand (I mess it up myself on occasion). Let me know if I can help you.

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