Heart Healthy

For the review of a commercial as a short film story, I chose the heart warming commercial about a girl who just wants everyone to be healthy.

When looking at the shape of the story from the perspective of the daughter in the commercial, I suppose it starts off low as she is worried about her dad’s health, but then quickly moves up as she discovers a solution in pouring the Cheerios over her father’s heart. One could argue that the story ends on a happy note as she believes she has healed her father’s heart. On the other hand, the father probably didn’t see the ending as happily ever after as he likely had to clean up the mess that was made.

There is a very clear storyline in this commercial. Once upon a time there was a little girl. Every day, she was worried for her father’s heart health. One day she realized that Cheerios could be the solution to her father’s health issues. Because of that, she asks her mother if Cheerios can really help the heart. Because of that, her mother reads the health benefits of Cheerios. Until finally we find the father awaking from a nap with a pile of Cheerios on his chest.

The element of surprise comes from the fact that we assumed the daughter would be serving her father Cheerios to eat, not pouring them on his heart! As the viewer, we empathize with the daughter as we all want our loved ones heart healthy. I was left with a feeling of admiration for the daughter as she was determined to keep her father healthy.

When looking at the story in 5 second increments, we see how the story plays out, and can get a closer glimpse into the mind of the daughter.

  1. (0:00 – 0:05) A woman is working at her kitchen counter. The camera angle shifts to show a young girl with curly hair bringing a box of cheerios and placing them on the table where her mom is sitting. She says “Mom?” and her mom replies “Yes honey” and looks up from her writing.
  2. (0:06 – 0:10) The daughter explains “Dad told me that cheerios are good for your heart, is that true?” The camera shifts back and forth between the mom and girl. The girl looks confused and concerned. The mom replies “It says here…” while looking at the Cheerios box.
  3. (0:11 – 0:15) The mom then proceeds to read the nutritional information from the box. The girl lifts the box from the table and smiles at her mom.
  4. (0:16 – 0:20) The girl then runs out of the kitchen while the camera shifts back and forth from her running, to her mom looking confused.
  5. (0:21 – 0:25) The scene then moves to the dad on a couch in the living room asleep. He has a huge pile of Cheerios on his chest. He is startled awake and as he raises up, the Cheerios slowly fall to the ground and he appears confused.
  6. (0:26 – 0:30) The screen then shifts to a yellow screen with the word “Love” displayed in the classic Cheerios font. Cheerios fall across the screen. We hear the dad calling out “Jen!” as the Cheerios jingle plays as the commercial ends.



4 thoughts on “Heart Healthy

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  2. That is a sweet story wrapped in a 30 second commercial. You did well to map out the story spine elements, and I like how you noticed the use of shifting camera angles as the girl and her mother converse (we even see the blur of the girls hair, like we are looking over her shoulder at her Mom).

    I don;t think its too bad an ending for Dad. Despite the mess of spilled Cheerois, it certainly is overwhelmed by what should be be appreciation for the love and care of his daughter. Maybe the un-shown scene after is that Dad starts eating more healthy (or gets more exercise than napping!)

    As per my previous comment, I think you are still being challenged by getting the video to embed, it’s tricky, but see if you can sort this out, if not contact me and I will help– its really worth it to have the video play right in your blog post.

  3. Thanks Professor! I’m glad you thought the ending was a good one, I’m sure Dad learned that kids pay attention to everything!

    Thanks for the tip about the embedded links, I took your advice and I think they are working now on both of my posts. Definitely a great feature to include on posts.

  4. This is a very cute commercial and I think it’s an effective use of storytelling. I’ve heard the term, “slice of life,” used to describe commercials like this before because they are a relatable story from everyday life.

    What I would like to see if a summary of your key takeaways after watching this commercial. Did you think it was a good story for this product? Do you think the images, sounds and story were effective? What did you like and didn’t you like. Did you go out and buy cheerios after watching the video commercial :)?

    Also, I didn’t see you mention the sounds of music in your description. I think that is an important aspect of the commercial that could be analyzed in your detailed analysis.

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