The Story of My Party

While at a party recently, someone was explaining how they had tried a new recipe on Pinterest and how they were so happy with the result. Someone else chimed in that they did not really understand how to use Pinterest or what the point of it was other than to get trapped in images for hours. As an avid Pinterest user, I immediately began to list off all the uses of Pinterest in my head. I didn’t share those during the party, but in looking back on that conversation with my DS106 hat on, I thought it would be an interesting topic to storify. One example of how I can do this would be walking through the remodel of a room from start to finish through the use of Pinterest baords for planning. Another would be telling the story of planning a party collaboratively with others from across the country. Perhaps by seeing a practical beginning to end story of successful pinning, the woman at the party and others like her can see the value that using Pinterest can bring. 


5 thoughts on “The Story of My Party

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  2. ASMF 🙂
    There are some DS106 open students who use Pinterest for resources and all sort of other things. Let us know if you want some example as and when you decide on your project. I created one as part of a digital story we created when I did DS106 formally last year as our group projects. I Enjoy the light and spring like feel of your blog.

  3. This is a good potential idea for the project, it’s like I am suggesting, almost like a trailer for a movie, but a trailer for how to use a web site, enough to get a sense of a personal tale of what the site can offer. Maybe it compares two characters, one who struggles with a cookbook, and another who uses Pinterest. Or as Stefanie suggests (who by the way is from Germany) a collaboration tale that can play on the ways different people around the world might do a similar dish.

    But this is exactly the kind of brainstorming I hope you can do each week.

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