And It Finally Feels Like Spring

As we wrap up a week in which we enjoyed some beautiful spring DC weather, and anxiously await the cherry blossoms while dodging tourists, I reflect on quite a week in the ds106 world.

I took full advantage of the weather with a photo shoot on my deck as I experimented with various photography tips and techniques and realized that my deck garden had taken a beating in the rough winter months. My favorite tip was to take pictures of ugly things which gave me a new perspective when taking photos.

I then went on a Photo Safari in the Mason Arlington campus library as I tried to capture as many scavenger photos from the list as possible. I elicited some interesting looks as I took pictures from the floor and climbed on chairs, but I had a great time and definitely went out of my photography comfort zone.

When creating my Five Card Flickr Story I pulled together images taken by strangers and turned them into a story about a curious girl and her mother in a restaurant. This was a tough task as I feel like my mind was flushed with so many ideas I wasn’t sure where to start. I decided to see if I could find a cycle in the images and saw it in the plant to ocean to bay to faucet back to restaurant circle.

I learned some new photo editing techniques as I had some fun creating my Balloon and Rain images as visual assignments for the week. It was great looking through the assignments to see which of the techniques I wanted to focus on for the week. I struggled a bit with Pixlr, but definitely made some great learning progress through these assignments.

Finally, I continued my brainstorming for a final project as I dreamed of a garden to enjoy as the seasons change. In reading and seeing how Dorothea Lange documented her stories in her journal (the original blog) I pictured sharing this story though a series of captioned images that demonstrate the progress of the garden throughout the season.

I look forward to the next ds106 challenge!


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