Balloon in the Mirror

Baloon in the mirror

I completed the Chimeratic Composition assignment as one of my visual assignments for the week. I’ve titled the above image “Balloon in the Mirror.” It was inspired by the thought that sometimes when we’re headed for rough times, we can sometimes take a moment to think back to simpler times.

I used the Pixlr online editor to create the image from the three images below. I used the cropping tool and eraser tool and layered my images one by one. The three base images I used are below. The image of the mirror and the girls with balloons were taken by me on my iPhone. The last one of the dark and apocalyptic sky was taken by my father from his balcony in Wichita, Kansas. I attempted using Photoshop but found the online editor much more user friendly. There were some difficulties in that tool as well as I could not figure out how to re-size the images once they were uploaded to the tool. I would have liked to have all three balloons in the mirror reflection, but could not re-size the image and had to make due with the one balloon.   2013-09-01 16.28.27  2013-06-27 22.00.27


3 thoughts on “Balloon in the Mirror

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