I Love It When It Rains Quotes

I love it when it rains quotes


For my second visual assignment of the week, I decided to complete the Illustrating Odd Auto-completes challenge. When I Googled “I love…”  I didn’t come up with much. I continued to add to the search until I came across “I love it when it rains quotes.” I thought it strange at first and tried to imagine quotes raining.

auto complete

I then realized what the auto-complete really meant was “‘I love it when it rains’ quotes.” In the spirit of this fun-spirited class, I decided to take the auto-complete literally for the purposes of this assignment. Thus, my image of it literally raining quotes.

For this assignment I utilized the Pixlr online editor. As I mentioned in the previous assignment post, I found it more user friendly than Photoshop, but had the same re-sizing issue.  I suppose it made sense for the quotes to be partial in each of the rain drops, as we can imagine them wrapping around the rain drop, but I would have liked to figure out how to re-size. Another issue I had with the online tool was the lack of accuracy in the eraser tool. In PowerPoint you can crop images to a shape which was what I originally wanted to do. In using the eraser tool in Pixlr, I had a hard time getting a sharp edge. I also used the blur tool to give the effect of rain on the images of the quotes.

The rain image was pulled from the Karlaslayouts and the quote images were pulled from the Pinterest Quotes page.

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