Quarter Hour Photos

My photoblitz was taken at the George Mason University – Arlington Campus Library. This is a favorite place of mine to study on Sundays since I attend church at this campus every Sunday morning. It ended up being a fantastic place for this photoblitz as it provided a lot of photography subjects and gave plenty of inspiration in my quick attempt to capture these images. With the help of a friend, who welcomed the study break to model, I was able to capture most of the safari image list.

The converging lines surrounded me as the rows and rows of books covered most of the library floor, so I tried to be a bit more unique in these images attempting them from a variety of angles.

I think the most unique photo I was able to capture was my interpretation of a framed image which was of a reference sign and bookshelf in the reflection of a mirror on the wall. The mirror made a perfect oval out of the rectangular shelf and sign and I thought this contrast in shapes was very interesting.

It was a blast getting these moments and I probably could have done this for much longer than 15 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Quarter Hour Photos

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  2. I like the way the photos are put together. It’s almost instagram like. How did you do that?

    I have not been on that part of campus but its right in my “hood”. It’s primarily for the public affairs and lay students right?

    Did anyone tell you to be quite by the way ; ).

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