Fourth Time’s the Charm

For my first Design Assignment I decided to do the One Story / Four Icons challenge. I think the hardest part of this assignment was deciding which movie to use! I love movies and love the idea of taking a new approach to classics in society, so I knew I wanted to choose an old classic movie (hint #1) in order to modernize it through the use of solid color icons. Once I decided on the movie, I went back and forth on how to represent it. Did I want my icons to demonstrate various plot sections of the movie? Did I want them to represent characters in the movie? I ultimately decided that the point of the assignment was to represent the essence of the movie, so I decided to go with themes and elements of the movie that have stood the test of time (hint #2), in other words, what you would draw when trying to represent the movie in a game of Pictionary.


I used Flat Icon for all of my images and chose the Mask, CatTypewriter, and Present icons for the assignment. I downloaded these images for free, and inserted them into a PowerPoint slide for editing. I re-sized the images so that they were all the same height and width for symmetry, and aligned them so they fell on the same line. I spaced them out using the “distribute horizontally” tool so that they were evenly spread. I then put a border around them, added in elements of color (hint #3) by layering shapes behind the images, and grouped the images all together. I then selected the grouping and saved as an jpeg image for embedding into this post. I may have been a little too obvious in my design, but I was having way too much fun with colors and themes.

Happy guessing!


6 thoughts on “Fourth Time’s the Charm

  1. I am not a movie-goer so my attempts at guessing are very weak. BUT…I do love your write-up. It is a great post and definitely has me intrigued! You did a great job of explaining what you did as well as a weaving in clues to the movie.

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  3. OK, it’s been a long while since I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but now that cew5x mentioned it, the color scheme makes sense. And I think I remember a cat being in the movie. If we’re correct, and it is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” great job on not including any breakfast-related icons in the clue!

  4. Was there a mask in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Its been a looooooong time since I saw that movie. C’mon tell us the answer!

    Among many things I like about your work here is that you found and used icons that all have a similar design; this makes it more cohesive then attempts to use icons from multiple sources that look cut and paste.


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