In a Flash

For my second Design Assignment of the week, I decided to tackle Word. I love using color and images as symbols, so I knew this would be a challenge for me. I tried creating something around the word “Sunshine” in the spring time theme of my blog, but discovered very quickly why most of the previous examples of this assignment were created around longer words. Longer words, or phrases, make for a larger canvas, as you have more letters to work with. I finally decided on “Lightning Bolt” keeping in the weather motif.



After I decided on my word, I did a quick Google search for Lightning Bolt for some shape inspiration. I then used PowerPoint for my design. I created three shapes without any borders or fill color and typed “light” in one of the shapes, “ning” in the second shape, and “bolt” in the third. I wanted to use a sans serif font with a wider look and settled on Verdana When looking at examples of a lightning bolt, I noticed that the two ends of the bolt taper off, so I created this effect by re-sizing each of the letters to gradually grow larger and smaller at each end. Because these were shapes, I was able to adjust the angle of the images to fit into on another and create the final shape. Once I achieved the look I was going for by moving the pieces around one another, I grouped the shapes and saved as a JPEG to embed in this blog.

While it made for a great subject of this assignment, I hope we don’t see any of these any time soon!

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