Remember Back When?

Due to this reoccurring assignment, I find myself thinking about stories all the time now and in every interaction I have. Perhaps that’s the point? 🙂 There is no doubt that there are needs for stories all around us. This week my inspiration comes from a friend of mine who is a college counselor at a school in the area. She often comments on the difficulty of the college application process. One large struggle is the fact that it involves not only the student, but also the parents of the student. I think it would be great to storify this process in two ways, one from the viewpoint of the student, and one from the viewpoint of the parent. Perhaps seeing the whole process outline in front of them, with the end goal of accepting admittance into a great college, will help relieve some of the stress put on these students and parents during this time. Looking back at when I was applying to colleges, I think this would have been a great help. It could also be a great recruiting tool for universities!


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