Stories Have Taken Over

As I’ve mentioned, stories have taken over my life, in a good way. I think as a consultant I always want to look for new approaches or streamlined ways of doing things, and storifying has officially been added to my tool belt!

This week I went hunting for designs that caught my eye. I found three very different examples of design that illustrated very different elements of design and were created for very different purposes. This opened my eyes to how much design is a part of our lives. In looking around my house for the Design Safari, I realized that I have designed much of what is around me, down to the organization of my cups and plates in the cupboard.

I then turned my attention to two design assignments. The first was a four icon summary of a movie. I decided to stick with a classic movie and experimented with the use of icons and color.

I also completed the Word assignment and put a word to life by communicating its essence without color or symbols but rather the text of the word itself. I created a lightning bolt, two words but one item, by breaking the word into shapes and re-sizing text. It took some trial and error, but I’m happy with the word I settled on.

This week I added to my final project options with an idea centered around the complicated process of college applications. At the start of the class I thought coming up with new ideas for our final project would get harder as the weeks went on, but as I learn more about various elements of storification, I am seeing more opportunities pop up.

Viewing and commenting on other blogs and assignment posts has been very interesting. As we are introduced to new design principles, I think we try to incorporate the new with something we’re familiar with (our house, past vacations, pets, etc.) to tie it all together. The incorporation of personal interests into the class assignments provide entertaining posts that are fun to read! I’ve had some very encouraging comments on my posts that have helped me open up to taking more risks in my commentary and designs.

One area I’d like to focus more on in the second half of the class is the sense of disruptive wonder. Not only observing design elements in every day life, but reinventing the design of things that have been the same for ages. I am excited to learn more as we dive into audio and video medias!


One thought on “Stories Have Taken Over

  1. Your design work and blog write-ups for this week are beyond perfect. You have demonstrated in your assignments the design elements in action, and the detail to which you document is helpful for me in understanding how you are applyig the storytelling strategies.


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