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Back in March, I wrote a post about a potential final project idea I had on a video about recent baptisms at my church. The baptisms happened back in early April. It was a beautiful day, and we were able to capture the whole thing on camera, but the recording was just one thirty minute block of the service itself. After talking to the new members, I don’t think that the recording captures the journey that these individuals took along the way.

In building out this idea, I think I’d like to capture the whole story of these new members. I could interview them all with the same set of questions (similar to the One Question assignment) to intertwine video and audio of the answers with the recording of the baptism service. I am thinking of other ways I can build this out to tell a story across the recording of the service.


6 thoughts on “Dig Deeper

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  2. I think this is a really cool idea! Adding in the audio like “one voice” could help add in layers. Also bringing in some of the editing tricks we learned about during video could help paint the story also. For example, you interview one of the baptistised individuals about their journey. Then, you can cut the getting ready to receive baptism and then potentially cut to a shot of their family or others receiving the sacrament cheering them on. You could even layer in some audio from a priest, pope or other religious figure talking about the importance of baptism. This could be very moving and powerful!

  3. I like the idea of the same story but different angles. But also what did they do to get to the point of being in the waters. So you could do a backstory that builds to them being in the water. What did they do? Why did they agree to do it? What inner thoughts did they have?

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