Lions, and Wizards, and Sounds, O My!

It was a beautiful week in DC which ended with a beautiful Easter weekend.

In completing this week’s assignments, I began by revisiting my SoundCloud account that I had previously only used to listen to other people’s audio posts. I read a quote from Victor Hugo that a friend had shared earlier this week.

I then had some fun channeling an almost daily occurrence using Audacity to layer sounds and create a story.

This week I also put my husband to work to help me adding sound effects to a Charlie Chaplin classic using the Foley technique.

For my second audio assignment, I chose to  interview the Washington Wizards coach in anticipation of the first NBA playoff game. His responses were a bit, unusual to say the least. 🙂

Finally, I built out an earlier storified idea I had by starting to think of the shape of the story, and how I could incorporate the techniques we’ve been using into the final project.

It’s really encouraging to read my classmates posts and to know that they are having the same struggles as I am having in completing assignments. I think that they, like I, are learning with every post. The great thing about blogging is that we can learn from each other and pick up good ideas. For example, I didn’t realize that individual pictures assigned to SoundCloud files will appear when the file is embedding to WordPress.

Overall I am really enjoying the assignments. These are great techniques and tools that I can use in many aspects of  life. I’m looking forward to spending more time on my final project.


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