Playoff Sound Off

Since basketball has infiltrated our house once more this spring in the realm of the NBA playoffs, I decided to dedicate my second audio assignment of the week to the Washington Wizards who, though by a thread, are a part of the playoffs this year.

I interviewed Randy Wittman about the Wizards’ chances in the playoffs and his plans once the season is over. I gathered some intelligence from this Washington Post article to prepare for the interview.

I recorded this directly into SoundCloud and uploaded the file to embed into this blog. I compiled the songs from Youtube clips. I cued up the part of the songs I wanted to use and had them ready to go as I recorded. There is a bit of a delay as I was moving between screens, so I might perhaps have printed out the questions so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth. Here is a list of the questions and songs I chose.

Q. The Wizards are playing the Chicago Bulls tomorrow at 7pm. Are you excited for this match up?

A. I’m so excited!

Q. How do you think Nene will address Joakim Noah’s powerful moves?

A. We’ve not yet lost all our graces.

Q. How would you describe the Chicago Bulls?

A. Physical, physical.  

Q. What is your biggest motivation in winning this match up?

A. All I’m asking, is for a little respect.

Q. Do you think the Wizards can make it all the way?

A. You may say I’m a dreamer.

Q. What are your plans for after the playoffs?

A. Everybody knows, a little place called Kokomo. 

This assignment was a great way to work on pulling audio together. These songs really have no connection to each other, but as part of a story really work quite well together!




2 thoughts on “Playoff Sound Off

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  2. I like what you did here a lot- it is a solid effort to play out the interview idea, and your plan for it is perfect.

    But I really would like to see you learn how to assemble these and edit in an audio editor program. It would be easier to make the sound levels more even and possible put some low ambient sounds in the background (e.g. for a sports interview, maybe the squeak squeal of basketball shoes on the court, or crowd sounds coming from outside of the locker room). I realize part of the challenge is getting the audio from youtube clips into the sound editor (this week’s tool for downloading YouTube clips as video files would have helped, my bad not to recommend it earlier).

    I am not dinging any points here, because your idea is sound; I just prefer to see you try to get some audio editing experience.

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