How Can Two Weeks Fly By So Fast?

I had worked on these assignments here and there throughout the past couple of weeks, particularly in the brainstorming phase, but did not have any idea of how much time it would take to make my ideas reality.

A lesson learned is that I will try to borrow a Mac for my final assignment. I think there are too many limitations in Movie Marker, such as not being able to have two layers of audio, as well as several design restrictions.

I plan on revisiting my blog posts for Week’s 6 and 7 this week and building out the content and adding in all references to media I used, but I did want to post my final products tonight.

Rough finale to the week, but looking forward to my final project!


2 thoughts on “How Can Two Weeks Fly By So Fast?

  1. Good to know, I’m a little behind and may use your tipcs to my advantage. Tell me, did you consider layering audio in audacity then saving the file as an mp3 or wav then adding it to the movie? It’s works much like you’re create a spreadsheet/tables in excel and embed it into a ppt. You can directly create a table in ppt but excel gives you a more robust table.

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