Mean Notebook

For the Why So Serious assignment I decided to mash up two of my favorite Rachael McAdams movies, The Notebook and Mean Girls. I thought this juxtaposition would be interesting because Rachael plays such different characters in these two movies. Her mothers are also very different as one tries to be like her daughter, while the other tries to tell her daughter what to do. Can you tell which is which?

The toughest part of this assignment was finding two scenes that would work together. Once I did some research on Youtube and found the two I liked, I downloaded the videos using and a Google extension called Backtick that allows downloading into MP3s. I edited in Movie Maker by trimming the audio and video clips to points where they would match (Getting Regina’s like to match Ali’s head turn was a personal win!) and saved the video to an MP4.

Here is a screenshot of the edit.

Mean Notebook



2 thoughts on “Mean Notebook

  1. That is a mean notebook indeed! These assignments are very hard to matchup, so hopefully you can appreciate now some of the detailed work people do to create these kinds of mashups. That was a great idea to use the two different roles McAdams play as a juxtaposition. My one quibble is the audio volume is a tad low, hard to hear.

    • Thanks! I did work on increasing the audio in my final project. I think working back and forth from movies to audio and back can sometimes compromise the quality of the audio.

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