Dig Deeper

Back in March, I wrote a post about a potential final project idea I had on a video about recent baptisms at my church. The baptisms happened back in early April. It was a beautiful day, and we were able to capture the whole thing on camera, but the recording was just one thirty minute block of the service itself. After talking to the new members, I don’t think that the recording captures the journey that these individuals took along the way.

In building out this idea, I think I’d like to capture the whole story of these new members. I could interview them all with the same set of questions (similar to the One Question assignment) to intertwine video and audio of the answers with the recording of the baptism service. I am thinking of other ways I can build this out to tell a story across the recording of the service.


Remember Back When?

Due to this reoccurring assignment, I find myself thinking about stories all the time now and in every interaction I have. Perhaps that’s the point? 🙂 There is no doubt that there are needs for stories all around us. This week my inspiration comes from a friend of mine who is a college counselor at a school in the area. She often comments on the difficulty of the college application process. One large struggle is the fact that it involves not only the student, but also the parents of the student. I think it would be great to storify this process in two ways, one from the viewpoint of the student, and one from the viewpoint of the parent. Perhaps seeing the whole process outline in front of them, with the end goal of accepting admittance into a great college, will help relieve some of the stress put on these students and parents during this time. Looking back at when I was applying to colleges, I think this would have been a great help. It could also be a great recruiting tool for universities!

A Garden for Spring

Every year I struggle with my deck garden. In the theme of my blog, an idea I had of something that would be better represented in a story, would be the growth of my garden.

This is a bit risky, as I have yet to make it through a spring with a successful garden established, but I think in general the premise makes sense. The life of plants and the seasons of spring and summer are stories in themselves, and my tiny little deck garden could be a metaphor for personal growth found in these seasons while combating obstacles of growth (i.e. too much rain, wind, bugs) along the way.

This could be represented in photographs taken throughout the season at each stage of garden growth, and would hopefully end in a beautiful deck garden to enjoy during summer!

The Story of My Party

While at a party recently, someone was explaining how they had tried a new recipe on Pinterest and how they were so happy with the result. Someone else chimed in that they did not really understand how to use Pinterest or what the point of it was other than to get trapped in images for hours. As an avid Pinterest user, I immediately began to list off all the uses of Pinterest in my head. I didn’t share those during the party, but in looking back on that conversation with my DS106 hat on, I thought it would be an interesting topic to storify. One example of how I can do this would be walking through the remodel of a room from start to finish through the use of Pinterest baords for planning. Another would be telling the story of planning a party collaboratively with others from across the country. Perhaps by seeing a practical beginning to end story of successful pinning, the woman at the party and others like her can see the value that using Pinterest can bring. 

To Sell or To Connect?

An example I have of something that could be “storified” is a presentation I was tasked to pull together for the volunteering I do at my church. Four people have decided to join our church and will be baptized in two weeks. We wanted to pull together a presentation about them to share with the congregation. This was just going to be a slide or two on each of them and the decision they made to join the church, but I think that similar to the Google Nexus commercial, adding elements of their journeys and decision making process would be so much more powerful than a few slides on where they live and what they do for a living. I’m not sure this will work given that I don’t know too much about their stories now, or if they would be open to participating in something deeper than the original PowerPoint, but I will continue to look into the option as I think on other examples that may work.